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Crédit Agricole mortgages

Looking to buy a home in France? Need to renovate your existing property? Crédit Agricole offers a range of competitive fixed and variable rate mortgages to turn your French property dreams into reality.

No need to be a French resident

Anyone can apply for a Crédit Agricole mortgage to buy, renovate or build a home. All we ask is that you make a deposit towards the purchase price and that your total monthly mortgage and credit commitments, including the new mortgage, don't exceed one third of your net monthly income.*

A choice of fixed and variable rate mortgages

Whether you prefer the reliability of a fixed rate or the money-saving potential of a variable rate that tracks changes in the financial markets, Crédit Agricole has a mortgage plan to meet your needs.

Flexible payment options to smooth the ups and downs

With our flexible fixed rate mortgages, you can increase your monthly repayments by 10 to 20% each year. With a variable rate mortgage, you can increase your repayments by up to 30% each year! And we've not forgotten the rainy days – with our mortgages, you can also reduce your monthly payments if you need to.**

Good to know: our flexible fixed and variable rate mortgages allow you to modify your repayment schedule if your circumstances change. On each anniversary of your loan agreement, you can reduce or increase your monthly repayments, or switch from a variable to a fixed rate.

Buying a property in France: a guideThe process for obtaining a mortgage in France is probably different from the process used in your home country.

* Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage
** On condition that this reduction does not extend the life of the mortgage by more than 2 years

Banking in France : Crédit Agricole speaks your language

Opening and using a bank account

Even if you're away from home, you'll feel at home with Crédit Agricole. Our friendly branch staff all speak English and our accessible current accounts are easy to use. You can even apply for our products from your home country !

No need to speak french

We understand that it's important for you to be able to discuss your financial matters in your own language. You don't need to worry about speaking to us in French - all of our staff speak English.

What do I need to open a bank account ?

To open a current account with Crédit Agricole, you need to provide:

  • Proof of identity : a valid passport or identity card (if applicable).
  • Proof of your French residential address : a current utility bill (no more than three months old) or a current council tax bill.

What are the benefits of having a French bank account ?

With a current account from Crédit Agricole, you can :

  • Use our network of cash machines and branches to withdraw cash and make payments in France and abroad.
  • Pay French bills.
  • Use a French chequebook.
  • Using your French bank account:
    Every country has its quirks. Read our quick guide to "making payments" to learn how to use your French cheque book and pay bills.
  • Making payments
  • If you're thinking about employing help (a gardener, a cleaner, a child-minder...) you'll want to find out about the "cheque emploi service universel". It might just be the answer to your prayers!
  • Paying for services

Making Payments

How would you like to pay for that ?

Eating out, shopping at markets, going on holiday, paying bills... some payments are more enjoyable than others, but they all have to be made. With Crédit Agricole, you can choose the means of payment that suits your situation.

1.Debit card

For daily purchases and cash withdrawals, most people turn to their debit card. Debit cards are a quick, easy and convenient way to pay, especially when they incorporate a Moneo electronic wallet.
Anything in particular you should know about French debit cards ?

  • First, they use chip-and-pin security. Instead of signing a receipt, you simply enter your pin code to validate your payment. Remember, always keep your pin code safe !
  • Second, to help keep your account secure, the bank generates your pin code. This means you can't use your birth date as your pin code, or use the same code for several cards ! If you have trouble remembering your pin, your bank adviser can help you to change it.
  • Third, you can choose between direct debit and deferred debit cards. If you have a direct debit card, the money is deducted immediately from your account. With a deferred debit card, all of the payments you make are grouped and deducted in a single payment at the end of the month.

A debit card can come in handy too...

MasterCard credit cards from Crédit Agricole offer a range of benefits, from great travel insurance to on-call personal assistance. Find out which of our cards best suits your lifestyle:
- Crédit Agricole MasterCard - Crédit Agricole Gold MasterCard - Crédit Agricole Platinum MasterCard

2.Fixed direct debit/standing order

Many companies, particularly utility companies like EDF and Gaz de France, welcome payments by direct debit.

How it works ?

Paying by direct debit is simple and efficient. Here's what you need to do :

  • 1. Contact the company by phone (you can also send a letter).
  • 2. Decide how often you want to pay (usually you choose to pay every 6 months, every 2 months or monthly).
  • 3. Provide your bank information. In France, this information is contained on your RIB (Relevé d'Identité Bancaire). The RIB shows:
    - your bank code (5 figures: for the Credit Agricole XXXX the bank code is XXXXX),
    - your code de guichet (also 5 figures: for the Credit Agricole XXXX this is 000XX),
    - your clé RIB (2 figures).
  • 4. The company will send you a letter setting out the amounts that will be taken from your account by direct debit and the dates on which the direct debits will be made. Cut off the "Autorisation de Prélèvement" (direct debit agreement) and send it to your local branch. The company will withdraw the agreed amount on the dates stated.
    Good to know :You can obtain a RIB from your bank adviser, a cashier at your branch or from a cash machine that offers this facility.

3.Money transfer

You can use our online banking services to transfer money between different Crédit Agricole accounts.

Making a bank-to-bank transfer in France

Send us your request in writing: one of our advisers will contact you to confirm the transaction. Please note that transfer requests must be made in writing and cannot be made by telephone. You will be charged a fee for this service: please consult our rates for further information. Online: if you have signed up for Crédit Agricole online banking, you can use this service to transfer funds to another French bank free of charge.

Making an international transfer

Send us your request in writing: one of our advisers will contact you to confirm the transaction. Please note that international transfers must be made in writing and cannot be made by telephone. You will be charged a fee for this service: please consult our rates for further information. Online: if you have signed up for Crédit Agricole online banking, you can send us your request by email. One of our advisers will contact you to confirm your request. You will be charged a fee for this service: please consult our rates for further information.

4.Cheque book

Cheques are still a popular means of payment in France. Be careful though: the rules in France are quite strict. See below for details...


You can use cheques to make payments anywhere in France. Cheque guarantee cards do not exist in France, but you might be asked to provide proof of identity.


You can use your cheque book to withdraw cash in any Crédit Agricole branch in France. You can withdraw up to 400 euros in any 7-day period

How to cancel a cheque ?

Under French law a cheque is equivalent to cash. As such, cheques cannot be cancelled except in exceptional circumstances. A cheque can only be cancelled if it is lost, stolen or deemed fraudulent by the bank. If your cheque book is lost or stolen : call us on +33 (0) 892 68 32 08

Good to know : French legislation with regard to unpaid cheques is particularly strict: be careful! You must have funds available on your account when you write a cheque. The bank is legally obliged to report unpaid cheques to the Bank of France and to forbid the client from writing any more cheques until funds are available. For the first incident, the customer has 60 days to rectify the situation. If the client takes more than 60 days to rectify the situation or if a further incident occurs, the customer has to pay a fine to the Bank of France. The customer also risks being placed on the Bank of France blacklist (this is known as being "interdit bancaire") and forbidden from writing cheques for the next five years!

5.Standing order (TIP)

You can also use a standing order (known in France as a TIP: Titre Interbancaire de Paiement) to make frequent payments, such as your phone bill or gas bill. The TIP is a payment order attached to your bill.

Setting up payments by TIP

  • 1. Remove the TIP from the bill and send it to the company with a copy of your RIB.
  • 2. The company will deduct the payment from your bank account and retain your bank details to make it easier for you to authorise future payments.
  • 3. In the future, your bank details will appear automatically on your bills from this company. Check that your bank details are correct, then remove the TIP from the bill, sign and date in the box provided and return the TIP to the company. If you wish to pay your bill from a different bank account, just send back a new RIB with your TIP.

Paying for services

Enjoy a helping hand, avoid the red tape

Gardening, childcare, French lessons, cleaning... a wide range of part-time services can be paid for with the "Cheque emploi service universel". What is the "Cheque emploi service universel"? The "Cheque emploi service universel" (also known as "Cesu") is a cheque book that helps employers avoid the red tape associated with Social Security contributions, monthly pay-slips and URSSAF registration numbers. Cheques can be used to replace standard contracts for part-time work of less than 8 hours per week or fewer than four consecutive weeks per year. They are an easy way to pay if you need to employ a home-help or child-minder or pay for a few private French lessons. Where can I get a cheque book? You can order a free cheque book through Crédit Agricole. Simply register for this service and fill in a direct debit authorisation form. We'll send you a cheque book with 20 cheques and a set of pre-printed envelopes. The accompanying information pack includes a useful guide to drawing up contracts.

How it works ?

  • 1. Fill in a cheque for the net amount. Remember to include 10% for paid holidays.
  • 2. Complete the cheque tag with all the necessary administrative information (the number of hours, the hourly net salary, the total net amount paid, etc.)
  • 3. Send this tag to your URSSAF agency within 15 days.
  • 4. Any charges payable by you, the employer, will be calculated using this information and debited directly from your account.
  • 5. The URSSAF will also send a pay slip to the employee.

Good to know : The CESU website provides useful hints and tips about using cheques. You can use the online portal to send administrative information directly to the URSSAF, obtain instant updates on charges that will be deducted from your account, and print statements for your tax declaration.

Useful information

What is a RIB (Relevé d'Identité Bancaire) ?

More commonly known as IBAN (International Bank Account Number), it provides all the information (bank code, branch code, account number) needed to set up direct debits (for payment of utility bills for example) and is compulsory for all incoming transfers (from France or abroad). If you are working in France, your employer will need your RIB information in order to pay you. We will provide you with this document as soon as your account is open.

We can issue you with a cheque book in Euros and a bank card, which are either on an immediate or differed debit basis (transactions debited in one sum at the end of each month). The cards are used with a four digit PIN number, both for cash withdrawals and payments. This system is considered highly secure, and preferable to the signature for payments. Cards issued by a French bank incur an annual fee, the cost of which you should check with your branch directly.

How can I pay my French utility bills ?

It can be done by direct debit (with a RIB). You should request an "Autorisation de Prélèvement" form from the service provider. TIP is another way to pay your bills. Similar to the UK Giro system, you have a tear off slip with each bill to sign and return to the service provider with your bank details, in order that they debit your account. You may also send a cheque in Euros drawn on your French bank account. Some companies accept payment of bills in cash at the Post Office - check with the service provider.

My card is lost / stolen - what should I do ?

You may only put a stop on your card or cheque book in the case of loss or theft. In the first instance, call e-agence within office hours on our normal contact numbers. For a stop on your card, you may also call the 24 hour National Bank Card hotline (+33 969 399 291). For your cheque book, you will need to send us a signed confirmation by fax.

How should I declare interest that you have paid me ?

Interest to non-residents is paid gross by the Caisse régionale du Crédit Agricole Mutuel de Paris et d'Ile-de-France. In most cases, this is paid on the 31st December each year. The amount should therefore be declared in your country of fiscal residence (you may need to request a specific form from your home country to do this). If you are fiscally resident in France, you can decide to either be taxed at source on your interest ("Prélevement Forfaitaire Libératoire"), or to be paid gross ("Regime Général") and to declare the interest with your earnings in May/June of each year ("Déclaration de vos revenus"). Your choice will depend on your level of income (and therefore your tax band). If you do not stipulate your choice at the opening of the account, the "Régime Général" will normally be applied.

How do I make an international transfer ?

You will need to send a signed request by fax with all the details (IBAN & BIC are compulsory for European transfers; ABA routing numbers are compulsory for US transfers). Forms are available in your branch on your request.

(1)Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage
(2)On condition that this reduction does not extend the life of the mortgage by more than 2 years

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(5) Excluding 'carte Prélude', 'Ma Première Carte', 'carte Mozaic M6' and 'l'Autre Carte'.
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